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Release 2.0

All the major jobmanagers are supported under this version, you can find the admin guides and software bundles for each of these configurations here. If you are looking for support or documentation on the earlier release, please contact us.

The Eucalyptus source and patch files are also included.

Please report any bugs or feature requests using the SPRUCE Trac.

Torque/Moab [download] [admin guide]
Torque/Moab (non-Globus) [download] [admin guide]
LoadLeveler [download] [admin guide]
PBS Pro [download] [admin guide]
LSF [download] [admin guide]
Cobalt for BG/L [download] [admin guide]
Sun Grid Engine (SGE) [coming soon]
Torque/Moab (with filter hooked to Moab) [coming soon]

Advisor Software

Advisor [download] [documentation]

Eucalyptus Software

Eucalyptus-1.6.2 [download] [documentation]
Eucalyptus-1.6.2-src-deps [download]
Euca2ools-1.3.1 [download] [documentation]
Euca2ools-1.3.1-src-deps [download] [documentation]

Release date - Feb 28, 2007, Last update - Oct 18, 2007