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6/01/11: Urgent Computing dissertation defense
On June 20, University of Chicago doctoral candidate Nick Trebon will defend his dissertation entitled, "Enabling Urgent Computing within the Existing Distributed Computing Infrastructure." Nick has been with the SPRUCE team since the beginning and has led the most recent effort to extend urgent computing on cloud resources. A copy of his dissertation is available on the publications page.
11/01/10: SPRUCE a SC10!
Come check out SPRUCE in New Orleans at SuperComputing 2010. SPRUCE staff will be located at the Argonne National Lab booth and will be available to answer questions. We will also be giving two SPRUCE demonstrations, including the most recent work that has extended urgent computing onto the cloud. Come to the ANL booth for details.
06/30/2009: Urgent Computing on the Cloud
Work has begun to incorporate computational clouds as urgent computing resources. The SPRUCE team is colloborating withe the Eucalyptus group to implement policies that will increase the liklihood of urgent computing users to meet their deadlines with workflows that run on the cloud.
04/30/2008: High Throughput Urgent Computing
Overview of the ongoing work to adapt SPRUCE to high throughput computing via Condor, presented at Condor Week 2008.
03/27/08: CTWatch Urgent Computing edition
Pete Beckman, our project PI is the guest editor for the latest issue of the CTWatch Quarterly- Urgent Computing: Exploring Supercomputing's New Role.

The challenges and crucial applications of urgent computing, including space shuttle damage analysis, severe weather forecasting and warning, and real-time medical simulations are discussed.
02/01/2008: Patient-Specific Medical Treatment
Here is an interesting article from TACC & Peter Coveney's group about patient-pecific treatment with Urgent Computing (demoed during SC07 using SPRUCE).
02/01/2008: On-Demand Supercomputing for Emergencies
Article discussing on-demand computing for event driven science - by Nancy Wilkins-Diehr and Ilya Mirman
11/20/07: SC07 presentations online
All the SC07 SPRUCE related talks are now uploaded in our presentations section.
11/05/07: SPRUCE talk/demo schedule for SC07
SPRUCE has several events going on thru the conference showcasing urgent computing for various diverse applications. We have demos with LEAD, SCOOP and GENIUS projects.

Wednesday Nov 14th, 10.30-11.00 AM - ANL(551) -Severe Weather Prediction : LEAD/SPRUCE
Wednesday Nov 14th, 01.00-01.30 PM -CCT(2441) - Coastal Flood Modeling : SCOOP/SPRUCE
Wednesday Nov 14th, 04.00-04.30 PM - TACC(387) - Patient Critical Computing : hemeLB/SPRUCE
Thursday Nov 15th, 10.30-11.00 AM - NCAR(361) - Severe Weather Prediction : LEAD/SPRUCE
Thursday Nov 15th, 01.00-01.30 PM - ANL(551) - Automatic Resource Selection : SPRUCE Advisor

Here is the Flyer highlighting all the important talks. See you in Reno!
10/18/07: SPRUCE at SC07!
It's that time again! SPRUCE has several real time urgent scenario demos planned up for Supercomputing. We will have a flyer up soon with presentation timings and other details. Make sure to drop by and checkout what the buzz is all about! Meanwhile, you can read the good press we got from last year's demo here.
10/18/07: Lots of new things happening!
Firstly, apologies for being slow on the news front. But we've got good news :) Many new sites and applications are onboard, and various interesting collaborations are under work. Stay tuned for details!
05/15/07: LEAD and SPRUCE Urgent runs
The LEAD portal for weather forecasting and analysis, SPRUCE Urgent Computing Gateway and the UC/ANL TeraGrid resource providers have joined forces to perform real time, on-demand severe weather runs this spring.

Read more about this effort on our community page.

04/27/07: Workshop slides online
The workshop was a grand success and excellent discussion came out of it. All presentations are now online and we are working on posting the notes soon.
04/03/07: Urgent Computing Workshop 2007
We are currently organizing a workshop to develop a strategy and roadmap for improving Urgent Computing support for applications, bringing together 4 groups of people:

  • 1) Application scientists from a wide range of problem domains: earthquake, wildfire, severe weather, transportation, epidemiology, economics, and critical infrastructure.
  • 2) HPC Resource providers such as TeraGrid, DOE, universities, and NASA.
  • 3) Computer scientists and middleware providers.
  • 4) Policy and resource allocation experts.

Details can be found here: http://spruce.ci.uchicago.edu/workshop/urgent07.php.
Participation is only via invitation, so if you are interested in attending this workshop, please Contact Us via email.
03/12/07: Ticketing for SPRUCE now online!
We now feature the Trac ticketing system to keep better tabs on feature requests, bug reports and enhancement suggestions. The SPRUCE Trac is now online.
02/28/07: SPRUCE Release 2.0!
The second software release of SPRUCE is now online with significant architecture and code enchancements. Distributions are being rolled out for different job manager/schedulers with custom installation guides. All the details can be found in our software section.
01/22/07: SPRUCE Presentation slides updated.
The current status of SPRUCE system is described in the new slides posted on the website. Do checkout the screenshots of how to integrate SPRUCE into your dynamic workflows! html version can be found here and also in the documentation section under presentations.
11/18/06: SPRUCE in News.
After a successful demo at SC06, we have had some good press coverage talking about how an infrastructure like SPRUCE help in emergencies. Read the article in GridToday. The Flyer for SC06 is also online.
11/03/06: SPRUCE AT SC06!
SPRUCE will be doing a LIVE DEMO with LEAD Gateway showing how to use urgent computing facilities from within your workflows - Exclusively at SC06!!

TeraGrid Booth (223) - Tuesday Nov 14th - 1-1.30 PM
Argonne National Lab (1925) - Wednesday Nov 15th - 1.30-2 PM
Teragrid Booth (223) - Thursday Nov 16th - 12-12.30 PM

Detailed schedule in the FLYER attached!!!
10/18/06: Added conference proceedings paper.
An IFIP WoCo9 Conference Proceedings paper (to appear) is added to documentation list. A pdf version is available for download.
09/16/06: Updated User Guide.
SPRUCE Portal user guide is now updated to demonstrate the usage of the new web-service based interface. You can find the guide here.
09/08/06: Brand New Portal!
We just shifted to a new portal built on top of web services and Ajax technologies. We are working on updating the documentation to match the new portal, so please be patient with us! If you need help finding any information, do Contact Us.
08/15/06: SPRUCE is now offering User portal Web Services.
We now have a web service version of the functionality of the user portal, which makes it very easy to embed into existing portals or workflows. Documentation about using this suite is On-Line. Please Contact Us if you need more details.
08/01/06: Support for more jobmanagers added.
SPRUCE can now support LoadLeveler, PBS Pro and LSF in addition to the original Torque/Moab configuration. Please Contact Us if you need more details and are interested in these distributions.
04/26/06: SPRUCE White paper released.
The SPRUCE project released a white paper detailing the architecture and the current status of the implementation of the system. You may download it in pdf format.
02/10/06: SPRUCE Goes Live at UC/ANL.
Using the University of Chicago TeraGrid resource, the SPRUCE system has gone into production. Users with Right-of-Way Tokens may now activate Urgent Computing privileges and submit priority runs on the University of Chicago TeraGrid machine.
01/20/06: Join the SPRUCE Network.
Our next step is to add new TeraGrid resources and application teams willing to test the deployed system. Please Contact Us if you would like to be a new user or include new resources.