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SPRUCE Urgent Computing token High-performance modeling and simulation are playing a driving role in decision making and prediction. For time-critical emergency support applications such as severe weather prediction, flood modeling, and influenza modeling, late results can be useless. Computer models must be run and the data analyzed while their predictions can still be applied. These on-demand large-scale computations can't wait endlessly in a job queue for supercomputer resources to become available. Neither can the community keep multimillion-dollar infrastructures idle until required by urgent computation.A specialized infrastructure is needed to provide computing resources quickly,automatically, and reliably.

SPRUCE is a system to support urgent or event-driven computing on both traditional supercomputers and distributed Grids. Scientists are provided with transferable Right-of-Way tokens with varying urgency levels. During an emergency, a token has to be activated at the SPRUCE portal, and jobs can then request urgent access. Local policies dictate the response, which may include providing "next-to-run" status or immediately preempting other jobs.



Spruce at SC10
Come check out SPRUCE in New Orleans at SuperComputing 2010. SPRUCE staff will be located at the Argonne National Lab booth and will be available to answer questions. We will also be giving two SPRUCE demonstrations, including the most ecent work that has extended urgent computing onto the cloud. Come to the ANL booth for details.



Urgent Computing dissertation defense!
On June 20, University of Chicago doctoral candidate Nick Trebon will defend his dissertation entitled,"Enabling Urgent Computing within the Existing Distributed Computing Infrastructure." A copy of his dissertation is available on the publications page.


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